Wednesday, December 25, 2013

...little cosy world of Julsen

I don't remember how I happened to come across these little lovelies, but they have won my heart right from the very first seconds I saw 'em there! These touching personalities are created by a Russian artist from St. Petersburg. Each character looks just so real, seeming to have its own enigmatic story behind. 
Merry Christmas to my dear readers who celebrate it, and... let's get busy writing our own beautiful stories, every moment, every day! May our hearts be filled with loving kindness! Happy Christmas!
5b94818088-kukly-igrushki-poyavilsya-pervyj-gost-n0064 (508x700, 72Kb)
7ae6476947-kukly-igrushki-gde-pryachetsya-prazdnik-n4267 (468x700, 247Kb)
53e8112991-kukly-igrushki-dusha-ptitsy-n0511 (466x700, 130Kb)


  1. These little creatures are so sweet...Love the gray elephant with the beret!
    Merry Christmas:))

    1. Thank you, Roberta! Yes, they are all so cute, but I think, elephant is my fav, too! :)) Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing, they are so pretty.